New Belichick Subway ad shows origin of sandwich meme

Bill Belichick

Subway finally aired its commercial featuring Bill Belichick on Tuesday, about a month and a half after the New England Patriots head coach was spotted filming the ad in suburban Connecticut.

The spot was well-received, but it seemed to be missing an important scene: the shot of Belichick contentedly consuming a footlong sub on a park bench that instantly became a meme back in July.

That mystery was solved Wednesday. Here's Subway's latest ad with Belichick that features the highly-anticipated "bench shot:"

It's only six seconds, but this ad gets the job done -- just the way Belichick prefers.

Belichick gushes about Cam's work ethic, competitiveness

The veteran head coach rarely appears in commercials, but he displayed some decent acting chops in these two spots.

Is there a third Belichick Subway ad coming soon? That we don't know -- but at least we know Belichick wasn't just sitting on that park bench for the fun of it.