Mac Jones confirms Nick Saban's love for 'deez' jokes


Nick Saban is known for his solemn and stern demeanor. So when Alabama safety Jordan Battle revealed his head coach has an affinity for "deez nuts" jokes, it was both shocking and hilarious.

New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones spent 2017-20 with the Crimson Tide, so he's very familiar with Saban's surprising sense of humor. WEEI's "Merloni & Fauria" asked Jones on Monday whether he's aware of his former head coach's "deez" jokes.

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“Oh yeah. I definitely know about it," Jones said. "I think it’s kind of his thing. He’s been doing it for a while. I think he maybe needs to get some new ones.”

Jones says Saban will catch his players off guard with the timing of his favorite joke, and it's something the seven-time national champion head coach has done for years.

“He’ll get you. He’s serious and then he'll be like, ‘Hey, whatever’ and hit you with one of those jokes," Jones said. "You’ll just catch it out of the blue and you’re just kind of like, ‘Woah, that just happened.' He’s been doing that for as long as I was there and probably well before, too.”


No word on whether Saban has told one of these jokes to his good friend Bill Belichick, who's said to have quite the sense of humor of his own behind the scenes.