It didn't take long for Malcolm Butler to be hit with Super Bowl LII-related questions in Tennessee.

The ex-Patriots cornerback had his introductory press conference with the Titans on Thursday, a day after opening up to the Boston Herald about being benched in the big game. He went even more in-depth with the Tennessee media about the situation.

As transcribed by WEEI:

“I am pretty sure everybody wants to know the question about Super Bowl LII," he said to reporters. "Like I said once before, it’s just all a coaching decision and I have never questioned anything Bill Belichick makes his decision on. Like I said, I made a statement yesterday and I said he benched a four-year vet [Kyle Arrington in Super Bowl XLIX] for a rookie. That turned out right. I am just very grateful and thankful for the opportunity the New England Patriots gave me. They grew me as a player and even more so as a person. I really appreciate the Krafts and I just really appreciate the organization.”

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Butler went on to take the blame, saying he probably was not "locked in and focused 100 percent".

“I wasn’t feeling too well," he said. "I felt like that was kind of part of it. Not to blame anybody. I accept full responsibly for myself. I am not blaming the New England Patriots or no one. It could have been just me, you know. It could have been anything, but I was not feeling too well and the New England Patriots are all about doing their job and they want everybody locked in and focused 100 percent and that probably was not the case. I am glad to be a Tennessee Titan.”


So no hard feelings, as both Butler and the Patriots look to begin new chapters and put the entire Super Bowl LII debacle in the rear-view mirror.