Cassel: Belichick 'not blinking an eye' at Gilmore situation


Stephon Gilmore's contract situation remains the top story surrounding the New England Patriots with training camp looming.

The Patriots' All-Pro cornerback addressed the matter Friday, stating he just wants to be paid what he's worth. Currently, he's slated to make about $7 million in 2021.

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Bill Belichick last spoke about Gilmore's absence during last month's mandatory minicamp.

"I don't expect him to be here. Yeah, we'll just focus on the guys that are here," the Patriots head coach said at the time.

So, what does he think about the Gilmore situation as we inch closer to camp? Matt Cassel shared how he believes Belichick is reacting to the holdout.

"It comes down to this, Stephon Gilmore believes that he's worth a certain amount and that's probably true in many different circumstances. But at the end of the day, the way the Patriots do business, Bill Belichick's not blinking an eye," he said Friday on Early Edition.

Cassel adds that the Patriots have the leverage over Gilmore, who turns 31 in September, and Belichick isn't about to budge.

"He's looking at Stephon Gilmore, he understands the situation that he's in. He's not in a power position by any means. He's on the last year of his contract coming off an injury," Cassel said.

"And at the same time, Gilmore, because of the way the CBA is set up and the fines he will incur if he stays out, they know it's a waiting game now. Let's just see, I'm sure from Belichick's perspective it's let's just see how far we can take this, and if he's really willing to sit out and lose a lot of money over the course of these preseason games or even in the season."


There is hope that Gilmore and the Patriots will be able to get a deal done before the 2021 campaign. The 2019 Defensive Player of the Year told NFL reporter Josina Anderson he isn't planning on demanding a trade, and "hopefully we can find some common ground and get it situated."

Gilmore played 11 games last season, tallying one interception and three passes defensed before tearing his quad in Week 15.