Matt Cassel tells great Matt Light prank story from '08 West Coast trip


The New England Patriots' trip out west has brought back memories of the good old days for ex-Pats backup quarterback Matt Cassel.

Prior to the Patriots' matchup vs. the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, Cassel told a hilarious story from the team's West Coast road trip in 2008 starring former Pats offensive tackle Matt Light.

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"There's a lot of downtime, so it leaves a lot of room for shenanigans. And who better to do a lot of it than Matt Light? Obviously, everybody knows his history of being a prankster and all that stuff," Cassel said on NBC Sports Boston's Patriots Pregame Live.

"One situation that came up was when we were in Palo Alto, he called it 'Russ TV.' Russ Hochstein was another offensive lineman on the team. What [Light] did was he went in and put a hidden camera in [Russ'] room. He somehow had it cued up into the other room so we could actually watch Russ at all times in his room for whatever he was doing.

"The best part is every time he tried to take a nap, to go to sleep at night, anything like that, they made sure to call his room and Russ would be so infuriated because they would not let this guy sleep. They'd just keep calling him and then they'd hang up and you could see Russ start cussing, yelling. Then finally he just left his phone off the hook and they'd run by his room, knock on his door and make him get out of bed. I mean, it was classic."


Poor Russ...

On the plus side, the "team bonding" exercise seemed to work. The Cassel-led Patriots won all but one of their games out west in 2008.