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Matt Patricia: 'There's only one Bill Belichick'

Either Matt Patricia is trying to shave off the failure from the Super Bowl or he wanted to look presentable for his new job. Either way, he looked different Wednesday. 

Sporting a heavily trimmed beard, the former Patriots defensive coordinator was introduced as the 307th head coach in Lions history (feels like it, anyway) Wednesday in Detroit. He used the opportunity to thank Bill Belichick for all he taught him, but was quick to stress that he’s not his former boss. 

"There's only one coach Belichick," said Patricia. "He's in New England. I'm Matt Patricia. I'm my own guy. I have my own style, but I'll take all those lessons about how to teach and coach that we had in New England that I think are strong."

Patricia also batted down a question about Belichick’s past assistants who struggled in head coaching spots elsewhere. 

“Whatever anyone’s done in the past, it doesn’t have anything to do with me,” Patricia said. 

Perhaps surprisingly, Patricia was not asked any questions about the Patriots’ benching of Malcolm Butler in their Super Bowl loss to the Eagles. He did stick a pencil behind his ear, though.