Michael Holley Podcast: Why Peter King was 'mystified' by Patriots' draft


The wide receiver class in the 2020 NFL Draft was widely considered to be one of the deepest in recent memory. So after a season in which the New England Patriots offense looked anemic at times, some believed addressing that position would be a priority.

So much for that.

The Patriots did not draft a wide receiver. Instead, they selected a safety, three linebackers, three offensive linemen, two tight ends, and a kicker.

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Bill Belichick's decision to pass on drafting a wideout was perplexing to many, including NBC Sports' Peter King. On the latest Michael Holley Podcast, King shared his thoughts on the Patriots' draft and why he was left confused by Belichick's approach.

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King used last season's Super Bowl teams -- the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs -- as examples of teams emphasizing the importance of adding premier talent at the receiver position.

I'm pretty much mystified by that [Patriots not drafting a WR] ... I'm just saying, look at where the game is going. Last year, the 49ers with the 36th pick in the draft take Deebo Samuel. If you watched the Super Bowl, he's one of the five best players on the field. And now you look this year, and they trade up from 31 to go get Brandon Aiyuk ... So they have spent incredible draft capital the last two years on the receiver position, and that to me is where the game is going.


When I saw what the Patriots did in the draft this year, the first thought that went through my mind is, "Bill's trying to build a team that will win games 16-13.'

Despite being "mystified," King isn't about to start second-guessing Belichick's thought process.

In my opinion, Bill Belichick could take 10 punters this year in the draft. I'm not saying Bill Belichick doesn't know what he's doing. He does. Obviously, he does. So I'm not going to sit here and say what an idiotic draft, because it wasn't. He drafted the best players that he thought for his team. He deserves every benefit of every doubt.

King also chatted with Holley about who he thought was the Patriots' best draft pick this year, why Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski reuniting on the Bucs wasn't to spite the Pats, and much more. To listen and subscribe, check out the full episode on the NBC Sports Boston podcast network and on YouTube.