Mike Vrabel thanks 'good friend' Tom Brady for motivating Titans on Instagram


Turns out Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were all bark and no bite.

The Tennessee Titans upset the Patriots 20-13 in the AFC Wild Card Round, shortly after Brady posted an Instagram video likening his team to "lions" who had to fend off the "hyenas" that were the Titans.

Tennessee used Brady's hype video as bulletin board material and trolled the Patriots QB after sending New England packing.

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Titans head coach Mike Vrabel happily continued that trolling in a recent interview with ESPN's Diana Russini.

"I used to call (my players) street rats," Vrabel said. "And then I woke up before the playoff game against the Patriots and Tom, my good friend Tom Brady, put out a really cool -- Instagram, Facebook, whatever he’s on -- post of him being this lion or something and then these hyenas.

"And I’m like, 'You know what? That’s a great compliment.' Because that’s what we want to be. We want to be hyenas. We want to be street rats that live in the jungle that hunt in packs, as a team."

Vrabel, a former Patriots linebacker, spent eight seasons as Brady's teammate in New England and isn't above trading jabs with the 42-year-old QB.

But Vrabel's latest zinger likely cuts deep for Brady, who is set to enter free agency and has extra time to ponder his future after Tennessee's upset.


The "hyenas," meanwhile, are still on the prowl: The Titans face the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game.