I am really pissed at Rob Gronkowski and if you are a legit Patriots fan, you should be too.

His migration to Tampa is much different than Tom Brady’s. Brady was forced out of New England, Gronk quit.

After all of the talk about not being able to play in pain and doing his CBD oil sales pitch, Gronkowski is back in the league after the Patriots sent him to Tampa along with a seventh round pick in exchange for a fourth rounder. 

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I cannot wait for the slogan; Get back on the field with “Gronk’s Miracle Cannabis Juice,” available at a TB12 store near you.  

He is the greatest tight end of all time, no question, but unlike with Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots bent over backwards to keep this guy happy.

First of all, the team made him the highest paid at his position — and when Jimmy Graham passed him on the ledger, he never let us forget it. He whined about being underpaid on a team where the quarterback was never the highest paid at his position and was never compensated properly. 

Then he was the only player for whom the Patriots had to issue joint press releases regarding his injury and health status. Everything had to go through his father, Gordie. Then he constantly told us how he played hurt and didn’t feel good.

Look, I could not last a second on a football field of any kind and would never pretend to be tough enough to take any type of hit, but I can’t play football the way Gronk can’t do television. Every player in the NFL plays in pain and we never heard them complain quite like Gronk.


Are we to expect no one played in more pain than Rob Gronkowski? Over the years, I heard tales of Brady not being able to take off his own shoulder pads because he couldn’t raise his arms, instead needing a locker room attendant to lift them over his head. 

Gronk got days off, games off, and partied his ass off when he was a New England Patriot. And he was paid at the top of the market. Then he retired, and now he’s at Club Arians on the Gulf Coast.

In hindsight, he didn’t actually retire. He just quit on the team and the fans who gave him everything. 

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