Patriots QB Mac Jones reacts to Josh McDaniels' departure, new OC scenarios


The New England Patriots coaching staff will look a little different during the 2022 NFL season.

The most notable offseason departure has been offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels leaving to become the new head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. McDaniels leaving is definitely a setback for the offense given his talent and experience in the OC position. 

Who will replace McDaniels? Well, no one has been hired or promoted to the official offensive coordinator role just yet. 

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What does quarterback Mac Jones think of McDaniels' exit and what the offensive coaching staff will look like entering next season?

"Yeah, I'm really happy for Josh and his family," Jones told Phil Perry on the latest episode of NBC Sports Boston's "Next Pats Podcast". "It's a great family and he definitely deserves a shot at this thing, and I'm happy for him and he's gonna do a great job.

"And in terms of moving forward, I mean, it's not my first rodeo in terms of dealing with a new coordinator. At Alabama. I think back to all the different guys I've worked with and I have a lot of experience with learning a new -- we're gonna keep the same system but, you know, new terminology here and there. I know coach (Bill) Belichick will have a plan, and I'm looking forward to working just getting better as a player regardless of who's out there with us."

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Who would Jones like to be the offensive coordinator? 

"I have no preferences honestly. I mean, like I said, I just leave it up to coach," Jones explained. "He does a good job picking the right people. He's done that for however many years that he's been a head coach, and that's why I'm really happy to be with him because he always has a plan.

"Similar to college (at Alabama), we always had a plan for when somebody else got hired. We brought somebody in, the relationship builds, you earn the trust and then you can just keep moving forward."

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The Patriots recently hired former Giants head coach Joe Judge to serve in an offensive assistant role. It will be Judge's second stint in New England.

"I know he's gonna be a part of our group and we're excited," Jones said of Judge. "I know he has a lot of experience with our system and all that, so I'm looking forward to meeting him. I talked to him a little bit in the practices and training camp (in 2021). I don't really know him very well personally or anything, but I'm sure we're gonna talk and I'm looking forward to working with him."

After a full year in the system, does Jones feel comfortable enough within the offense and with the scheme/language to take more of the reins in Year 2?

"Yeah, I think with anything you do, you get more experience and I know I have the capability to take the offense to the next level, and it starts to me and I'm going to," Jones said.

"I'm gonna trust the coaches, obviously, and learn from them and work together and that's what it comes down to. I've always been a guy that does exactly what the coach tells me to do, and that's how I always play the game."