Next Pats Podcast: Which QBs could the Patriots target in the draft?

Next Pats Podcast: Which QBs could the Patriots target in the draft?

Even after taking Jarrett Stidham in the fourth round of last year's NFL Draft, the New England Patriots could look to add another quarterback in late April.

That'll likely depend on whether or not Tom Brady returns to New England. But if they do decide to add another young QB in the 2020 draft, they'll have several intriguing players to choose from.

If the Patriots decide to trade up, two of those options could be Tua Tagovailoa out of Alabama or Justin Herbert out of Oregon. But even if they decide to sit back and wait for a QB to fall in their lap, they could find a diamond in the rough.

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On the latest episode of The Next Pats Podcast, The Athletic's Dane Brugler joins Phil Perry to discuss Tua, Herbert, and other QBs the Patriots could have their eye on:

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Brugler isn't exactly a believer in Herbert, but it's a different story with Tagovailoa.

I would not trade up for Justin Herbert. That's just my personal opinion. I like Justin Herbert, I just -- I think there's something missing there. I see a Ryan Tannehill type of player ... 

If I'm convinced that Tua is healthy, I would definitely consider that move to go up and get him if i was in striking distance to do it. Tua, talking about instincts and how important it is at the quarterback position, I think he has that. I do worry about the durability.

Part of what makes him special is his ability to improvise. There's a little bit of Russell Wilson there with his ability to get outside the pocket and make things happen, but that also leads to more hits on his body. And so, you do worry about long-term. He needs to do a better job not taking some of those hits.

If New England opts to stand pat rather than trade up, there's one name in particular that stands out to Brugler.

If I decided not to trade up and I'm staying put, there's definitely some intriguing options there. I mean, Jordan Love, he's so intriguing.

It's funny, if we switch his sophomore year and his junior year... Jordan's Love's a top-10 lock. But it's because he took such a dip this past season with a new coaching staff, with losing a lot of talent around him, only one returning starter on offense. Because of all these factors, he didn't have that season he had the year before.

To hear about the other QBs Brugler sees as options for the Patriots, plus a complete breakdown of the latest on the NFL CBA with Judy Battista of, check out the latest episode of the Next Pats Podcast, available as part of the NBC Sports Boston Podcast Network.

David Tyree randomly praises Julian Edelman for circus Super Bowl LI catch

David Tyree randomly praises Julian Edelman for circus Super Bowl LI catch

The coronavirus shutdown is bringing some blasts from the past out of the woodwork.

With professional sports on indefinite hold, FOX filled the void Sunday by rebroadcasting the New England Patriots' historic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

To promote that game (which Tom Brady seemed to enjoy) the NFL's Instagram account posted a clip of Julian Edelman's insane catch in the fourth quarter that kept the Patriots' drive alive.

Guess who popped up in the Instagram comments of that post Monday? A guy who's familiar with circus catches in the Super Bowl: David Tyree.

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"Can’t lie...this catch was crazzzyyy!! Legendary @edelman11," the former New York Giants wide receiver wrote, adding eight emojis (four flames and four folded hands, in case you're wondering) for emphasis.

For Patriots fans who have endured too much this offseason, skip ahead. For the rest of you: Tyree became famous thanks to his wild "helmet catch" in Super Bowl XLII that, like Edelman's grab, saved a late Giants drive and helped New York upset an undefeated New England team in Super Bowl XLII.

Tyree was out of the league two seasons after that historic grab, but it's clearly followed him in his post-NFL life.

As for which catch was better, Edelman's or Tyree's? We'll let Patriots and Giants fans hash that one out.

Fans overwhelmingly prefer Patriots go Stidham-Hoyer in 2020

Fans overwhelmingly prefer Patriots go Stidham-Hoyer in 2020

Why in God’s name do I keep reading and hearing “Cam Newton” and “Patriots” in the same sentence?  

Or Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton or any other backsliding veteran on the free-agent quarterback market?

Are people insane? Were they slumbering for the past 19 years? Or just a little forgetful?

The lead mule pulling their wagon for the past 20 years was a sixth-round pick. The only guy that filled in for the aforementioned sixth-rounder over an extended period was a seventh-round pick. The guy who was supposed to succeed the sixth-rounder was a second-rounder from a Div. II school.

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Tom Brady, Matt Cassel, Jimmy Garoppolo were all overlooked, undervalued and brought into the Patriots laboratory where they turned into either good, really good or legendary quarterbacks. The Patriots brew their own quarterbacks, thank you very much.

And with a one-year hitch in salary cap jail hanging over them, they are not going to be in the market for someone looking to make a seven or eight-figure salary who just flunked out of a lesser team’s program.

The Patriots make their own brew, thank you very much.

Bill Belichick has the helmeted heads of so many first-rounders and first-overall picks mounted on his wall that suggesting he’d be in the market for a live one makes no sense.

During Tom Brady’s long goodbye, I was told by team sources the Patriots weren’t going to be chasing a veteran “name.” And their actions since have signaled that.

They are going with their fairly-promising fourth-rounder, Jarrett Stidham, and they have Brian Hoyer (undrafted free agent who came into the league with the Patriots in 2009) to take the reins if the Coronavirus-marred offseason means Stidham’s not ready.

And, thanks to our Quarantine Question of the Day posed Monday morning on Twitter, it’s clear most Patriots fans think that’s the right approach.

Of the 5,148 votes cast in six hours, 64.6 percent of respondents chose “Ride with Stidham/Hoyer” as the preferred Patriots approach for 2020.

Meanwhile, 12.2 percent felt that bringing in a rookie to compete with Stidham was the move to make. I suggested either Tua Tagovailoa or Jordan Love in the poll. Others suggested different options to battle Stidham as Brady’s successor.

I jokingly included an option to trade with the Bucs for Brady. A significant portion (17.4 percent) of the populace thought that was a capital idea (even though Brady has a no-trade clause).

There was a suggestion I didn’t hate -- grabbing Niners backup Nick Mullens to come in and push Stidham.

The least popular option was recycling someone like Newton. That option drew just 5.8 percent of the vote.

And one respondent had a hard time making his selection at all.

It happens. We’ll be back later in the week with more QUARANTINE QUESTIONS OF THE DAY!!!!