Next Pats: Brady's throwing coach likes what he's seen from Mac


Mac Jones has a long, long way to go before we start comparing him to Tom Brady, but the rookie quarterback has made a solid first impression on Brady's throwing coach, Tom House.

On a brand new episode of the Next Pats Podcast, Phil Perry showed House some tape of both Brady and Jones' throwing mechanics in practice. House came away impressed with Jones' delivery.

Next Pats Podcast: Tom Brady's throwing coach, Tom House likes what he's seen from Mac Jones | Listen & Follow | Watch on YouTube

"He's got what I would call a bowler's dragline with a quarterback's delivery," House said. "A quarterback takes a much smaller stride and much quicker. Notice where his back foot is relative to his center of gravity. It's actually behind him and toward his left side. I don't know whether he's been taught that or whether it's just come naturally, but that's pretty pure. And I can tell looking from the backside that his eyes are level. You can't see his hand on the front side so he's got a firm front side.

"The only thing I would need to see is the timing and the foot stride. If he's going quick, which I think he does a pretty good job of, and he keeps his eyes level like that, his front side is firm, that's not too bad. ... That's a pretty solid delivery for me."


Also discussed on the new episode: House and Perry discuss his ‘shoutout’ by Eli Manning on Monday Night Football. House breaks down how and why Brady is still able to throw effectively into his mid-40s, and he shares his thoughts on how long he thinks Brady can continue to play at this level.

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