Next Pats: Why Kellen Mond could be a good Day 2 option


Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Trey Lance.

Those are the names of quarterbacks we can count on being taken on Day 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft. Whether the New England Patriots will end up with one of them remains to be seen, but they'll likely have to trade up the draft board from the 15th pick to do so.

If that doesn't happen, which QB could pique their interest on Day 2?

On a brand new Next Pats Podcast, Phil Perry picks the quarterback he believes would be the best fit for New England if it decides to draft a QB in the second or third round.

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"For me, the best Day 2 option for the Patriots is Kellen Mond," Perry said. "He's a polarizing prospect, I get that, and I understand why. It's why he's a Day 2 guy. ... He checks a lot of boxes for the Patriots. He's big enough at 6-foot-3, 211 pounds, played in the SEC, started games in four different seasons, he's almost a perfect prospect in terms of eight qualities when I'm looking for these prototypical Patriots. Ton of experience.


"Where he just misses the mark is some pretty important categories. The efficiency categories. His career completion percentage is 59. His career yards per attempt figure is 7.1, the Patriots have typically wanted their guys to be in the 7.5 yard range per attempt. They want their guys in the 60 percent in terms of their completions, generally."

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While Mond didn't have the numbers of some of the QBs who will be taken on Day 1, Perry points out that the Texas A&M signal-caller didn't have the level of talent on his offense.

"He never worked with a surrounding cast like the ones that say Kyle Trask worked with at Florida, the one Mac Jones obviously worked with at Alabama," Perry said. "Christian Kirk, I believe, is the only receiver who's been drafted that Kellen Mond has played with at Texas A&M over the last few years. ... That, to me, is helpful in terms of Kellen Mond's evaluation. Because you're looking at a player who did not have it easy."

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