NFL Germany fans sing ‘Country Roads’ at Allianz Arena

/ by Marsha Green
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The NFL played its first game in Germany on Sunday morning. The league brought Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Munich, home of Oktoberfest, to take on the Seattle Seahawks in front of a packed crowd at the Allianz Arena. The Bucs went on to defeat the Seahawks 21-16 – a win that Brady enjoyed for more reasons than one. 

The seven-time champion threw a pair of touchdowns in the victory and went on to say that it was one of the most memorable games of his career. 

“That was one of the [greatest] football experiences I’ve ever had,” Brady said in a press conference after the game. “It says a lot for 23 years in the league and for a regular season game. I think the fan turnout was incredible. It felt, like, very electric from the time we took the field.”

Home to one of the best soccer clubs, Bayern Munich, German fans are no strangers to supporting their favorite athletes, and they did just that when they serenaded Brady with a classic song: “Take me Home, Country Roads.”


“The end of the game, with them singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘Country Roads,’ that was pretty epic,” Brady said. “So I think everyone who’s a part of that experience got to have something. A pretty amazing memory for the rest of their life. So thank you for hosting us, we appreciate it. Thank you.”

John Denver's ode to West Virginia may seem like an odd choice for a game featuring teams from Florida and Washington, but the song is pretty popular at Oktoberfest and is a famous drinking sing-along tune.

 Even after the stadium turned off the audio track, the fans continued to sing.

The wholesome moment was a beautiful overlap of two cultures coming together and joining forces on a common interest: Good ole football.