It looks like the 2020 NFL Draft won't be in Las Vegas due to growing coronavirus concerns. 

With the MLB, NHL, MLS and NBA postponing their seasons, anything is possible for the upcoming draft. According to a recent report from Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the April 23-25 NFL Draft won't happen in Las Vegas and the league is weighing its options moving forward.  

While the event still will take place next month, the current plan will be to move forward with a studio setting in which there will be cut-ins from team headquarters of the team making a selection at any given time, according to Farmer. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, obviously, is not commenting on the situation at this time given everything is still up in the air but the LA Times actually obtained a statement from Goodell that was sent out to league employees over the past week.

Planning for the Draft is a good example of how we need to think differently, embrace technology and collaborate. We will also use the Draft to help support fans and those people impacted in our communities. 

While there have been changes to the way we work and some of our plans, we have an unwavering commitment to upholding the NFL’s legacy of unifying and lifting the spirit of America, and bringing out the best in our fans and in our communities around the world. You’ll hear more from us in the days and weeks ahead about how we intend to demonstrate that commitment well beyond our fields. And I hope you’ll share your ideas on how we can do that.


Do with that statement what you will, but it sounds like the draft in Vegas is off. It's extremely unfortunate for all the players who worked so hard to be drafted, but everyone's health needs to be taken into account during this time with the COVID-19 outbreak.