Report: Pats to run Tebow-style offense with Cam?


Do we finally have an answer to the New England Patriots' (1.05) million-dollar question?

Patriots fans and NFL analysts have been wondering what kind of offense Josh McDaniels will install around Cam Newton, who is a very different quarterback than his predecessor, Tom Brady.

We'll find out Sunday when the Patriots face the Miami Dolphins, but Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio offered a sneak preview Saturday.

Per Florio, McDaniels could implement an offense for Newton similar to the one he designed specifically for Tim Tebow when the Patriots offensive coordinator was head coach of the Denver Broncos. That system, Florio wrote, relies on quarterback runs to open up the passing game while using blocking schemes that protect the QB on passing plays.

Cassel: Here's what a Newton-led offense might look like in New England

A source "with knowledge of the situation" told Florio that Newton could be "scary" in a Tebow-style system, which McDaniels actually never got to fully implement in Denver because he was fired before Tebow became the starter.

Florio's report should excite Patriots fans: Newton is much more talented than Tebow when fully healthy and could thrive in an offensive scheme specifically designed to maximize his strengths.

Newton's success in New England will largely depend on his health: The 31-year-old has missed 16 games over the last two seasons due to shoulder and foot injuries. If he's fully operational, however, it appears the Patriots have a plan to unleash "Superman."