NFL Twitter is loving Belichick's ragtag press conference look


If you put on clothes today, congrats on looking more put-together than the greatest coach in NFL history.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who's never been accused of being a sharp dresser, took his complete disregard for fashion to a new level during a press conference Wednesday morning.

Here's what Belichick wore during a Zoom call with reporters:

What's older: that sweatshirt or the Patriots' franchise?

The internet was quick to react to Belichick dressing like he hadn't slept in weeks. Here's a handful of reactions from NFL Twitter:

As others pointed out, Belichick could not be further on the fashion spectrum from his quarterback, Cam Newton:

Former Patriots linebacker Matt Chatham, meanwhile, insisted Belichick's apparent disinterest in his appearance was in fact a calculated move.

The Patriots host the 2-0 Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, and if they pull off the win, maybe we'll see this sorry excuse for a sweatshirt more often.