Matthew Slater is not quite Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday. Or perhaps Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday is not quite Matthew Slater in the locker room—depending on how you look at it.

Either way, this video from an episode of the NFL's "Turning Point" program takes viewers behind the scenes on one of Slater's motiational speeches from earlier in the season.

While the Patriots were criticized for playing up the underdog role this season, this season had some unusual obstacles, as Slater alludes to.

"Years from now we're gonna be somewhere sitting back, feet kicked up and somebody's gonna ask, 'tell me about the '18 team'. Don't forget what it felt like when they said you weren't good enough, you shouldn't be here, you can't play.....You're old. Exactly. Right T?"

"T" of course is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, off to the side in the locker room, who laughed at the quip. Brady was criticized this season for a drop in his play, and many doubted the roster's ability to compete as well as previous Patriots teams.

Slater is right. Someday when fans and players look back the 2018 team, while people may not remember every play that happened in the Patriots' losses to what seemed to be mediocre opponents, they will remember that the Patriots managed to win the Super Bowl in spite of it.


It's not entirely clear which game the clip is from, but it looks to be a home game from some point in the regular season or post season, as the Patriots are wearing their navy blue home uniforms.