Nick Wright has bold take on where Mac Jones ranks among AFC quarterbacks

Mac Jones

There has been a lot of player movement in the AFC this offseason, including several popular quarterbacks switching teams or entering the conference from the NFC.

That list includes Deshaun Watson (Browns), Matt Ryan (Colts) and Russell Wilson (Broncos), among others.

More than half of the teams in the AFC have a very good quarterback, which should create a fierce competition for the conference title throughout the 2022 season.

Where does New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones rank among these players?

Well, according to FOX Sports 1's Nick Wright, Jones is near the bottom. Wright has Jones at No. 13 of the 16 starting quarterbacks in the AFC, and he explained why Tuesday morning on "First Things First".

There's no way Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, who was below average as a rookie last season, is better than Jones. Trevor Lawrence was the No. 1 overall pick last year and projects to be a better quarterback than Jones deeper into their careers. But right now, Jones is better than the Jaguars QB. 

A strong case could be made that Jones is better than Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill, too. Jones completed a higher percentage of his passes, threw for more yards, threw for more touchdowns and tallied fewer interceptions than Tannehill in 2021.

The former Alabama star also led all rookie quarterbacks in completion percentage (67.6), passing yards (3,801) and passing touchdowns (22).


Jones has plenty of room for improvement, obviously, but he's not the fourth-worst QB in the AFC.