Like all groups of people, every fan base has its good and its bad. And like all neurotic people, I get way too fixated on things I shouldn't. 

Combine these two and you've got me melting down every single time at the suggestion that the Bruins can't win with Tuukka Rask. I should ignore it, but I just can't. It's too easy an argument to join. 

Another one that gets me? The "everything is right, everything is according to plan, everything is the same" mentality from a segment of Patriots fans. 

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When Tom Brady was in a walk year for the first time ever and put his house on the market, they yelled "slow news day" at even the thought that it meant he could leave. That ratcheted up when the Patriots bowed out of the playoffs early and free agency loomed without a peep of interest from Foxboro.

He was coming back all along, and tHe MeDiA was just mAkInG sTuFf Up. 

I've got to talk to those fans for a minute about Brady, because when he skipped passing camps and the rest of the organized team activities, it was deemed not a big deal. He already knew everything and didn't need it. He wasn't blowing anything off. There was no rift. He was the GOAT, blah, blah, blah. 

Well, in perhaps the least surprising development in the history of the world, Brady is doing absolutely everything he can to spend as much time on the field — any field — as his Bucs teammates. It's not just because he's new to the team. It's because that's what athletes do when they're trying their hardest.


Brady was not doing that towards the end in New England. 

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The Tampa Bay Times reported Tuesday that Brady was joined by several teammates for a two-hour session, which reportedly was not the first such session. Also present were receivers Mike Evans and Scotty Miller, tight ends Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard, center Ryan Jensen, a running back and two backup quarterbacks. 

Sure, Brady would get together in the offseason with Julian Edelman and his friends (he even invited N'Keal Harry last offseason), but this is different. Two hours and a center was there? That doesn't sound like having a catch. That sounds like a captain's practice.

It's not just going to be limited to the offseason. Brady is going to be a new man in Tampa.

I was sick of him towards the end in New England, but you bet your ass I was saying he could be an MVP on his next team with a better attitude. He's on the right path for that now, what with getting Rob Gronkowski to join an already loaded offense that also landed a right tackle with a top 15 pick. 

This is Relationships 101. You're going to try harder and be better for your new person than you were towards the end with the last one. And that's what Brady's doing.

All I'm asking for is an acknowledgement.