Patrick Mahomes shares his take on Tom Brady comparisons


Patrick Mahomes is well on his way to being one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history if his outstanding career continues at this rate.

The Kansas City Chiefs signal-caller already has an MVP and a Super Bowl title under his belt three years into his career as a starter. He had a chance to add a second Lombardi Trophy to hie résumé, but his efforts were thwarted by Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55.

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Mahomes has plenty still to accomplish if he's to catch up with Brady, but he's already starting to sneak into the "GOAT" conversation with the seven-time Super Bowl champion. The duo even shares the cover of the upcoming "Madden 22" video game, which implies Mahomes is the eventual heir to Brady's throne.

Thursday on ESPN's First Take, Mahomes was asked if him vs. Brady will be one day be debated like LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan.

"It's still early for the LeBron-Michael Jordan stuff," Mahomes said. "But for me, if you're in this league you're trying to win. You're trying to be the best player on that football field every single day.

"Tom's done it for a long time and he's won a lot of Super Bowls, so when you're coming up and you're watching football, you want to go out there and win championships like he's done. So, I'm going to try and do whatever I can every single year to put us in position that we can win a lot of championships, hopefully."


Brady, who turns 44 in August, recently hinted that the end of his football career is near. Mahomes, 25, has time on his side as he looks to catch up to the ex-New England Patriots QB.

Until then, let's pump the brakes on the Mahomes vs. Brady talk.