Pats assistant just found out he's related to Gregg Popovich


Here's a mildly interesting fact: New England Patriots co-offensive line coach Cole Popovich is related to legendary San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich.

But Cole Popovich has been with the Patriots for six years. So, why are we just discovering this now?

Because the man himself wasn't aware of any relation until recently.

"I actually found out I was related to him just about a year ago," Popovich responded Wednesday after ESPN's Mike Reiss asked if he was related to Gregg Popovich.

“So there is some relationship. I’ve always said no but I just found out there is something.”

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Cole Popovich explained that his father died when he was young, which limited his knowledge of that side of his family. But he apparently did some homework recently to uncover some impressive coaching genes.

"Reestablished some connections there and found out that I am related to him," Cole added, via CBS Boston.

Cole said he and his Spurs coach namesake have never spoken or met, and that Gregg likely isn't aware of any relation.

But Cole is rising through the ranks of Bill Belichick's coaching staff -- he and Carmen Bricillo will fill Dante Scarnecchia's shoes this season as co-offensive line coaches -- so perhaps he can connect with his famous relative soon.

In any case, Cole's revelation proves Steve and Brian Belichick aren't the only Patriots assistants related to coaching greatness.