Belichick can do an Edelman impersonation, and we need to hear it


Forget asking Bill Belichick why he let Tom Brady walk in 2020 free agency. Or why he benched Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII.

After Monday, we have a new burning question for the New England Patriots head coach.

During an appearance on WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show," Belichick was asked if he's seen Julian Edelman do his impersonation of the head coach on the retired wide receiver's new "Inside The NFL" gig.

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Belichick's response:

"I can certainly do one of him, too."

Naturally, Belichick was asked to do said impersonation. Naturally, he declined.

"He’s got his own little antics," Belichick said after a long pause. "That’s all right. We’ll save that for another day."

Edelman has busted out his nasally Belichick impersonation for the media several times, and it's pretty good. (Here's his latest offering.) But the real prize would be hearing Belichick -- who hasn't changed the tone of his voice in a press conference in about two decades -- mock his former wide receiver.

Belichick is a much different person behind closed doors than he is with the media (as in, he has a personality), so we shouldn't be too surprised that Belichick busted Edelman's chops during the wide receiver's 12-year tenure in New England.

But at some point in the (likely distant) future, we're going to need to hear Belichick mimic Edelman's high-pitched shouts on the field. Not that we'll be holding our breath.