Curran's Pats-Broncos Preview: Does Denver have a shot in this one?


Long-awaited, much-debated, the Patriots and Broncos are set to go with the virus abated. I guess. Who knows?

There’s been a whack-a-mole, all-over-the-roster nature to the Patriots who’ve tested positive – a quarterback, a cornerback, a center, two defensive linemen – which makes it hard for anyone on the outside to say, “Oh, that makes sense. They spend time together.”

Since figuring it out is a lost cause and wasted energy, let’s instead go to the football. As impressive as the Patriots have been in their four games, they still aren’t a team talented enough to look down its nose at any opponent, and that includes the 1-3 Broncos. 


Curran's Patriots-Broncos Week 6 Preview