It looks like the conversations about whether or not Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski should be at the final week of Patriots OTAs can end two days early.

Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft told reporters on Tuesday afternoon that the team would be cancelling its final two days of voluntary practices. The team was previously scheduled to practice on both Thursday and Friday.


"Our players will be let off today at 2 [p.m.]," Kraft said. "Part of that is, I think there are great things that happened last week having everyone here. Yesterday I think they had a team building activity that was really good.

"The new young players we have here, the free agents . . . I'm excited about this team and I think we're going to have a lot of fun this year. I understand sometimes people in the media have to work things up a little bit, but I'll just tell you, I and my family are very excited about the upcoming season."

The Patriots had voluntary workouts scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of this week, but Monday's activities consisted of team-building events at Fenway Park.

Voluntary workouts have long been touted by different members of the Patriots -- coaches, players and ownership included -- as an important time of year to prepare the team for training camp. Canceling the final two workouts would seem to be an indication that, in Belichick's estimation, the players who've been involved have shown they'll be in a good place once training camp rolls around.



In summary, the Patriots' spring consisted voluntary workouts that began in mid-April, seven voluntary OTA practices, three mandatory minicamp practices and one team-building day at Fenway Park.

There is no official start date for Patriots camp at this point, but it is expected to open during the final week in July.