Patriots fans will enjoy these mic'd up Bill Belichick moments from Week 6


Mic'd up footage is entertaining, even when it's Bill Belichick being spotlighted.

The NFL released its latest Gameday All Access 2020 video on Wednesday, and it's loaded with great mic'd up moments from an exciting Week 6. 

Among the players featured are Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski, Minnesota Vikings wide receivers Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson, New York Giants defensive back Logan Ryan, Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle DeForest Buckner and more.

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Belichick was among the most interesting parts of the video. Here's a recap of his mic'd up moments:

--Belichick is always taking the weather into account. He asks someone on his staff, "do you think that sun is going to be any kind of factor for us here (in the) first quarter?"

--The Patriots were moving into Broncos territory in the third quarter when tight end Ryan Izzo caught a 16-yard pass from quarterback Cam Newton. Izzo fumbled at the end of the play and the Broncos recovered. Denver scored on the ensuing drive to increase its lead to 18-3.

“Ryan, that’s our catch-and-tuck drill right there,” Belichick told Izzo after the fumble. “That’s our catch-and-tuck drill right there. Put it away.”

--Belichick also was not pleased with the lack of a holding penalty on a play-action call. During a stoppage in play, the Patriots coach had a chat with referee Scott Novak to voice his frustration.

“We’re getting tackled there on that play-action,” Belichick said. “I don’t know how you let that go when they tackle him from behind. On this play-action right here at about the 40-yard line on the last drive. I mean, he tackles him. Come on, man. This line, that's all they do is punch in the face and hold.”


--Belichick was forced to challenge Newton's rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter after the officials ruled him short of the goal line. Replays showed Newton clearly reached the ball over the goal line, and after video review, the play was ruled a touchdown.

Belichick and Newton had a quick conversation about the play during the review.

Belichick: "Cam, you reached that out, right?"

Newton. "Yes sir."

Belichick: "I think you got in."

Newton: "I did."

Check out Belichick's mic'd up moments and all of the other ones in the video below: