Tom Brady reached out to Robert Kraft on Monday night and met with the New England Patriots owner at his home in Brookline. Kraft explained to NBC Sports Boston that Brady explained he would be leaving the Patriots.

Kraft said the conversation was warm between the two men. "We love each other very much," said Kraft. "He's like a family member. This is very sad because he's like a son to me."

"This is not the way I wanted it to end, but in life, people need to be free to realize what's important to them. I respect him so much. It was a sad, loving discussion."

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Kraft hoped that Brady's visit was going to result in better news for New England. "I thought he was coming over as he has for the last 10 years to quietly get things done."

As it turns out, that was not the case. Brady has yet to decide where he will finish out his career. The announcement he is leaving New England, a source told me on Tuesday, will be the only announcement from the Brady camp today.

I asked Kraft if he was disappointed that the Patriots did not get deeper into negotations with Brady.

"It's not about that," said Kraft. "This is big picture. I just don't think he was going to be happy staying in our system at this point."