New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a little fun at the expense of one of his teammates Tuesday.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was arrested last weekend in Beverly Hills after jumping on top of a Mercedes Benz. Before his arrest, Edelman was hanging out with Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce and former Patriots wideout Danny Amendola. The three of them even took a picture together, which Pierce confirmed was taken "minutes before" Edelman was arrested. 

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Brady posted a few updates to his Instagram story Tuesday, and one of them was a photo of TB12 electrolytes, along with the caption, "(Edelman) it sounds like you need some of this." 

Brady has a point. Taking some electrolytes to combat dehydration is a good way to recover from a night of fun. 

Brady, Edelman and the Patriots began their offseason a little earlier than normal this year. The Patriots' 2019 campaign ended with a loss to the Tennessee Titans on AFC Wild Card Weekend. The last time the Patriots suffered a season-ending defeat before the AFC Divisional Round was 2009.


The Patriots quarterback appears to be keeping busy during his time away from the football field. Other stories posted to Brady's Instagram included him getting treatment for his right arm at the TB12 center in Boston.

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