Patriots rave about Jones' Cam Newton impression in rookie skit


Rookie quarterback Mac Jones isn't just impressing his New England Patriots teammates during drills at training camp, he's winning them over off the field, too.

The 2021 first-round pick did a Cam Newton impression during a recent rookie skit, and his teammates raved about it on Monday.

"We had a skit, I want to say two days ago, two or three days ago, the rookies killed it," Patriots defensive back Jalen Mills said Monday. "These camp days are long, so at the end of the day you need that laugh out of those guys."

Mills added: "Mac, he came in dressed as Cam. He had the big hat on, had a scarf on. Came in saying Cam's slogan and different things like that. It was real fun to see him get out of character."

Patriots linebacker Raekwon McMillan also had good things to say about Jones' performance in the rookie skit.

“Oh, man. That was dope,” McMillan said. “This is my fifth year in the league. That’s probably the best rookie impersonation I’ve ever seen. That’s probably the best one. I give (Jones) kudos for that...

"It was spot-on about everything that Cam does, how he dresses. He came in with a suitcase. You know Cam’s swagged up to the floor so (Jones) came in and he kind of jumped out of his comfort zone, too. Mac’s kind of a chill guy, relaxed, kicked back, and he came in acting like Cam. It was dope.”


There's a lot to like about Jones in the early stage of his Patriots career. He's received tons of praise from teammates and he seems to be fitting in quite well.

It's too early to say whether he'll beat out Newton for the starting quarterback job, but Patriots fans should definitely be encouraged with the progress Jones has made to this point.