Patriots release Cody Kessler, leaving two QBs on roster

Patriots release Cody Kessler, leaving two QBs on roster

The New England Patriots are down to just two quarterbacks on their roster.

Update (Wednesday, April 1 at 5 p.m. ET): The Patriots have officially announced the release of quarterback Cody Kessler.

--End of Update--

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday the Patriots are releasing veteran quarterback Cody Kessler.

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Kessler was signed by the Patriots in September, then was released in October and signed again later that month. He finished the 2019 season as the Patriots' third-string quarterback behind starter Tom Brady and rookie backup Jarrett Stidham.

The decision to cut Kessler leaves Stidham and veteran Brian Hoyer on the team's QB depth chart. Hoyer, who was released before Week 1 of last season after Stidham won the backup job, signed with the Patriots as a free agent last month.

Stidham and Hoyer likely will compete for the starting job entering the 2020 season following Tom Brady's decision to leave the Patriots and sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFL free agency. If the Patriots want to add a third quarterback, selecting one in the 2020 NFL Draft is a possibility. The Patriots have 12 picks in April's draft.

'Man In the Arena' producer sheds light on what to expect from Tom Brady documentary

'Man In the Arena' producer sheds light on what to expect from Tom Brady documentary

Last week it was revealed Tom Brady will have his own Last Dance type documentary titled Man In the Arena.

ESPN will air the nine-episode series, with each episode covering one of the ex-New England Patriots quarterback's nine Super Bowl runs. Gotham Chopra, a name Pats fans may recognize as the director of Tom vs. Time, is a producer for the docuseries which is set to premiere in 2021.

Chopra recently caught up with Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated's MMQB to chat about the upcoming documentary and what fans should expect.

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“It’s not Tom Brady’s Last Dance,” Chopra told Breer. “It’s not that. That may or may not exist 20 years from now, I don’t know. There’s this sort of immediacy to this.… The premise [of The Last Dance] was telling stories about the seasons, whereas [Brady’s], it does feel a little bit more real time. Tom continues to be an active player. So the idea is, ‘O.K., let’s talk about these nine seasons, this incredible body of work across 20 years, and how it’s still sort of affecting him.’”

“Jordan’s sitting on a couch, looking back, literally looking at stuff on the iPad, reminiscing about things. Tom’s kind of, just when you’re talking to him, it’s still very fresh, because he’s still processing a lot of things that may have happened across a season.”

As for who else will make appearances in the series, that remains to be seen. Chopra notes the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled the interview process, but important figures in Brady's career such as Bill Belichick and Drew Bledsoe have already been reached out to.

“This is inside the mind of Tom,” Chopra said. “So we’ll ask Tom, I’ll use the most obvious one, 2001, What was it like working with Drew [Bledsoe] that season? Got it, now we go talk to Drew, and get his perspective on that. So yeah, there are other voices, other players, coaches, etc., and people off the field that had a lot of influence across those specific seasons that we’re trying to get. Now, we’ve got the added layer of complexity of getting to those people, like everyone else in the world, we’re dealing with that.”

Along with the Super Bowl appearances, Chopra says Man In the Arena will cover both the "Spygate" and "Deflate-gate" controversies. As for whether Brady's 2020 campaign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be included in the series, Chopra says there are no plans for that as of now.

Nick Foles gives Peyton Manning advice on how to beat Tom Brady

Nick Foles gives Peyton Manning advice on how to beat Tom Brady

Time and time again, we've witnessed Tom Brady lead late comeback victories on the gridiron.

Nick Foles nearly witnessed one during Super Bowl LII, when Brady and the New England Patriots nearly bounced back from a slow start vs. the Philadelphia Eagles to win their second straight title. Of course, Foles pulled off the "Philly Special," and the rest is history.

During "The Match" on Sunday, Brady and Phil Mickelson found themselves down early vs. Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods. Foles knew another Brady comeback was coming, so he took to Twitter to offer Manning some valuable advice.

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Well played.

While Brady didn't exactly put on a show Sunday, he did nail a spectacular shot that helped spark a comeback effort. Brady and Mickelson played well enough on the back nine to make things interesting, but Manning and Woods were able to hold them off to earn the victory.