Patriots Talk: Is this Bill Belichick's best season yet?


Over the last four weeks, everything has come up roses for the New England Patriots.

They're now riding a four-game win streak after dominating the Cleveland Browns in a 45-7 rout. The victory improved their record to 6-4 and has them flirting with the top spot in the AFC East.

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With a rookie at quarterback and several question marks throughout the roster after a rough 2020 campaign, head coach Bill Belichick has helped Patriots fans become optimistic for the first time since Tom Brady's departure. The encouraging start to the season begs the question, where does this year rank among Belichick's best with the Patriots?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry debated on a new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast.

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Perry praised Belichick the GM for the Patriots' offseason, during which they spent a record $163 million guaranteed in free agency to improve a roster that underwhelmed in 2020.

"This might go down as one of the top two or three best offseasons he's ever had," Perry said.

Curran agrees, adding that Belichick's work as a GM and his job as a head coach are closely intertwined when looking back at his best years.

"It's going to rank up there with '01, when you bring in [Mike] Vrabel and so many other guys. '07 was a ridiculous offseason too. The bottom line is we are looking at a team that national media -- led by Rex Ryan, he said this might be Bill's best coaching job. You can't ignore that they did have struggles early. ...


" '01 is the gold standard," Curran said. "Number two is going to be 2014."

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