Did Pats offense improve after Monday's disastrous practice?


Simply put, the New England Patriots offense was a disaster during Monday's practice.

The offensive line was a sieve throughout the session and second-year quarterback Mac Jones was unable to get much of anything going. The run game wasn't any better. A number of Patriots insiders, including our own Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry, watched the practice in Foxboro and shared unflattering reviews of the entire offensive unit.

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Patriots center David Andrews addressed the offense's struggles, telling reporters the team would just hope to regroup in Tuesday's practice. So, did they improve? Or is this Pats offense in serious trouble heading into Thursday's preseason opener?

Curran and Perry shared their thoughts on a new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast.

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"They were better. I thought there was some progress shown," Perry said. "The bar was low based on how bad Monday's practice was and had they had a repeat performance of Monday's practice, it would be -- I don't know, a five-alarm fire? Would that be an appropriate description?"

Curran agreed the Patriots avoided another disaster on Tuesday.


"This was a critical practice, wasn't it?" Curran said. "I mean, you can't play the way they did yesterday coming off a two-day break, have David Andrews stand there in the middle of a scrum and talk to the team about getting its head out of its collective ass, and then if they come out today and perform poorly, then it would've said, 'Well what are we doing? Are we incapable?' But they did perform capably."

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