Patriots Talk: Has Cam fallen off enough to give Mac a shot?


There's no shortage of storylines at New England Patriots training camp, but the ongoing quarterback competition between Cam Newton and Mac Jones remains the primary focus heading into the preseason.

Our Phil Perry has broken down the QB battle after each practice, and it's clear Jones is gaining momentum. The question is whether the rookie's impressive showing is enough to give him a chance to start over Newton in Week 1.

In a brand new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast, Perry and Tom E. Curran break down what they've seen out of the two quarterbacks in camp so far and whether Jones has done enough to leapfrog Newton on the depth chart.

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"In training camp, we're not seeing a solid diet of Cam Newton ineptitude," Curran said. "That, to me, is very important to note because when we talk about this competition, while Mac Jones is far above where you expected him to have been -- far above -- and would challenge for the starting position if all things were equal which I don't think they are, Cam Newton has been competent enough where he has not come back to Mac Jones significantly."

Curran: Jones shows some quick feet in 11-on-11 drills

Perry believes Newton's ability to run the ball could be the difference-maker when Belichick makes his final decision.


"To get into Newton and why he might still be the starter Week 1 no matter what kind of momentum Mac Jones is building, if he doesn't fall off the table so far behind Mac Jones as a passer, if he's able to keep it relatively level, it means you're getting something from him as a passer. That might be all Bill Belichick needs," Perry said.

"Because he understands he has such an advantage with Cam Newton in the running game that even if it's a step back from the rookie in terms of where the ball needs to go in the air, he may say, "Well yes, but all of these things on first and second down that we love to do with Cam, we can't do with Mac."

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