Patriots Talk Podcast: Another Pats-Seahawks epic in the offing?


The New England Patriots are coming off an exciting Week 1 win over the Miami Dolphins, but it'll be a whole different ballgame on Sunday night.

Cam Newton and the Pats will be tasked with taking down the Seahawks in Seattle. Although the "12th man" won't be in attendance for the matchup, it'll still be a difficult test for this New England offense.

On X-factor in this game for Seattle is All-Pro safety Jamal Adams, who was traded to the Seahawks from the New York Jets during the offseason. But outside of Adams, Pete Carroll's defense already showed signs of weakness in their season opener vs. the Atlanta Falcons.

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So how can Newton and the Patriots attack this Seahawks D on Sunday night? Former Patriots backup QB Matt Cassel joined Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry on a new Patriots Talk Podcast to break it down.

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"This is a completely different defense than what they saw last week. It's a four-down scheme, and a lot of times what they'll do is they'll put two linebackers up on the edge, one linebacker here and drop a safety into the box to try to stop the run," Cassel said of the Seahawks defense.

"For New England, though, they've got to find a way to just get into the secondary because last week -- I mean, we know Matt Ryan and that offensive unit has incredible players, obviously starting with Julio Jones and [Calvin] Ridley -- but at the same time, they gave up 450 yards passing, two touchdowns. If you watched the game it's simple throws. It's not only in cuts but it's to the tight ends, it's working outside. Easy throws in front of them.


"So the fact of the matter is they have to be able to utilize the passing game this week. They have to get into the depths of the defense because with all those guys being at the line of scrimmage, they have to be able to get behind those guys just like the Atlanta Falcons did."

Also discussed in the episode: Bill Belichick opens up about the passing of his mother. Did Matt Cassel ever think Pete Carroll could transition into a good NFL coach? Cam Newton comes to the defense of N’Keal Harry. Bill Belichick praises Russel Wilson. And much more.

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