Patriots Talk Podcast: Are Raiders or Titans the favorites for Tom Brady?

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Patriots Talk Podcast: Are Raiders or Titans the favorites for Tom Brady?

It's the parlor game that will take us right up to the time when we'll be filling out our NCAA brackets.

It's that other March Madness - NFL free agency. More specifically, Tom Brady's free agency. Where will TB12 land?

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On Tom Curran's latest Patriots Talk Podcast, our Patriots Insider is joined by ESPN's Jeff Darlington, who explains the prediction he made earlier on his network of the Las Vegas Raiders and Tennessee Titans as the likeliest new home for the GOAT.

"To be clear, I do think that the Titans and the Raiders, if you're asking me right now, if we're putting odds on it, are the favorites," Darlington told Curran.

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"I don't necessarily see him returning to New England. That's not to say he won't, but I just don't have enough faith in the meeting that needs to occur between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to get enough done to where Brady feels like he's ready to return."  

To that end, Curran also weighed in on how Brady's perceived lack of appreciation from Belichick will impact the quarterback's decision. Curran noted that it was apparent a few weeks ago when the coach and QB appeared on the NFL Network's Top 100 players show.  

"There was a yearning from Brady to Belichick to just be appreciated," Curran said. "To be told, 'You're my guy, I love ya. Nobody else can do what you do.' I honestly think that almost informs what we're watching unfold."

Earlier in the pod, Curran's colleague Phil Perry talked about how if we reach the March 16 deadline and Brady officially becomes a free agent, "the chances of him leaving skyrocket."

To prevent that, Perry suggests that it's time for the Patriots to show Brady he'll have the weapons he needs to make a successful return at 43. And the only way to do that before signings begin in March would be with trades, as in dealing for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. or Atlanta Falcons tight end Austin Hooper.

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus also joins the podcast to explain why he ranked the San Francisco 49ers' Richard Sherman ahead of the Pats cornerback Stephon Gilmore, the AP's Defensive Player of the Year, in PFF's list of the top 101 players. It's all in this week's Patriots Talk Podcast on the NBC Sports Boston's Podcast Network. 

Tom Brady's stay-at-home message contains healthy living tips amid pandemic

Tom Brady's stay-at-home message contains healthy living tips amid pandemic

Tom Brady is the latest athlete to record a stay at home message amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But his is a little different than the other ones you've already seen.

While most have spent time focusing on providing encouraging words to those dealing with the struggles of social distancing, Brady focused more on how to stay healthy amid the pandemic. Here's a look at his full message courtesy of the NFL's Twitter account.

This was a nice idea by Brady to give some tips to help people adjust to these unfamiliar living conditions. It also lines up pretty well with his health and lifestyle brand, TB12, so it's no surprise to see him preach the benefits of staying hydrated, being active, and eating nutrient-rich vegetables.

Of course, Brady did also have some words of encouragement for his audience and signed off by saying "I know we’re going to get through this together." So, that was a great gesture as well.

Brady will surely be focused on following these tips as he prepares for his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady spent the first 20 seasons of his career with the New England Patriots before signing with the Bucs this offseason.

NFL Odds: Here are the favorites to start Week 1 for the 2020 Patriots

NFL Odds: Here are the favorites to start Week 1 for the 2020 Patriots

The New England Patriots are facing uncertainty at quarterback for the first time in two decades. Tom Brady departed this offseason to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Patriots will need a new starting quarterback as a result.

That said, a favorite appears to be emerging to take over the job.

According to FanDuel Sportsbook, Jarrett Stidham is currently heavily favored to be the Patriots starter at least to kick-off 2020. Here's a look at the odds for each potential candidate at the position courtesy of FanDuel.

This lines up pretty well with what has come out of Patriots camp since Brady's departure. They seem to believe that Stidham is their future at quarterback, so why wouldn't they give him a shot to start? While Brian Hoyer isn't too far behind Stidham (+250), he's likely only that high because he has the most starting experience of the three passers currently on the Patriots depth chart.

The more interesting parts of these odds are the ones relating to veterans and rookies not currently on the team. Cam Newton (+900) leads the pack among the veteran options and is one of two non-Patriot quarterbacks ahead of presumed third-stringer Cody Kessler. The other is Andy Dalton (+1000).

While Newton is available, the Patriots don't have much in the way of cap space. So, it seems unlikely that they would sign him unless they have minimal confidence in the quarterback options on their roster or if one of their options suffers an injury down the road.

As for the rookies, Jacob Eason (+1900) actually leads the pack by a fair bit. He's still a longshot, but his odds are much better than the triage of other rookie passers listed; Justin Herbert, Jake From, and Jordan Love come in at +2600.

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Is this a sign that the Patriots like Eason? They're notoriously tight-lipped about the draft process, so it's hard to say. But if Eason continues to considerably lead the rookie pack as the draft draws nearer, that should be a good indication that the Pats have their eye on him.

Either way, Stidham is rightfully the favorite at this point and the Patriots seem content to give him a season to prove himself. But once the 2020 NFL Draft comes and goes, the picture at quarterback will be a bit clearer.