Patriots Talk Podcast: Cam Newton's personality is the real deal, and so are the Chiefs


We're only three weeks into the 2020 NFL season, but it isn't a stretch to say Cam Newton has already won over New England Patriots fans.

It isn't just about his performance, either. The former Carolina Panthers quarterback has brightened Foxboro (literally and figuratively) with both his outfits and his attitude.

McDaniels 'super impressed' with Newton's humility

Fans in New England can rest assured none of it is for show. This is who Newton is, take him or leave him. The 31-year-old was beloved during his tenure with Carolina for that reason.

On a new Patriots Talk Podcast, Tom E. Curran was joined by former Panthers beat writer Darin Gantt (now with ProFootballTalk) to discuss Cam's personality and impressive work ethic.

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"Is Cam a little weird? Yeah, I mean nobody who dresses that way is not a little bit eccentric ... For all the 'stuff' that comes with Cam: the hats, the outfits ... he's a rock star, man. And he's got a big personality," Gantt said. "I remember leading into the 2011 draft being at that combine and watching him move through that room on the way to the press room and it was like The Beatles. I mean, there was a buzz in that room. ...


"He's always lived in that spotlight and he's been comfortable in that spotlight if not in his own skin. Because he's gone through changes as we all do as we mature, as we grow, and I think over time Cam's sort of settled in. This is who he is ... For all the flash and the stuff on the outside, he's very much a grinder."

Also discussed in the episode: Patriots Week 3 report card grades, previewing Week 4 vs. the Chiefs, whether the Patriots are allowed to have another "moral victory," the Titans' COVID-19 outbreak, and much more.

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