Patriots Talk Podcast: Did the Patriots blow it at the trade deadline?


The 2020 NFL trade deadline has come and gone, and it was mostly uneventful.

The New England Patriots mostly were quiet despite many believing they could be sellers with their 2-5 record on the season. Their only move was acquiring wide receiver Isaiah Ford from the Miami Dolphins for a seventh-round pick.

That means cornerback Stephon Gilmore, guard Joe Thuney, and everyone else on the Pats' roster are staying put. But will Bill Belichick and Co. regret not moving Gilmore and other big-name players for draft capital?

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Tom E. Curran, Phil Perry, and Albert Breer discussed on a brand new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast.

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"I just think it's going to be really hard -- we don't know what was on the table for Stephon Gilmore, if anything was on the table at the trade deadline. So it's hard to kill the Patriots when we're just in the dark as far as that goes for not making the most of that asset when you need as much draft capital as you can get," said Perry.

"But to me, you were going to maximize his value by dealing him now. Not only would you maybe be able to get a competitor to bite and overpay for somebody that's sort of going to be the missing piece to their championship push this year, but next year I look at it, and maybe I'm just a pessimist, but next year if you want to trade him in the spring he's only further removed from winning that Defensive Player of the Year award. ...


"So say there was a second-round pick on the table for Stephon Gilmore at the deadline and the Patriots said, 'Not enough, can't do it.' Is a team going to be willing to give you that same package, that same pick in the spring? I think you might have hurt yourself a round or two in terms of the pick compensation with Gilmore by waiting if that's in fact what happened."

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Curran adds there are plenty of scenarios for Gilmore's future once he wraps up this 2020 season in New England.

"There are so many factors that are going to be involved, whether it's the college season as it continues to unfold, how they're able to evaluate talent coming out of colleges, whether or not Gilmore is given a green light to negotiate and his agent is going to give him a green light to figure out whether or not he wants a long-term deal elsewhere," Curran said. "All of those things have to enter into it, but the Patriots are in 2021 tracking to have a bunch of cap space relative to a fallen cap, but they're also not a real good roster."

Asked if the market will still be there for Gilmore next spring, Breer says it'll depend on how the All-Pro cornerback performs for the rest of the 2020 campaign.

"If he plays well the rest of the year, I think there could be a market for him, sure," Breer said. "I think part of it is going to depend on his willingness to play at the number he's at right now, $7 million. I think that was part of the risk in not moving him right now. The fact he could drop off. His play might not be as good in a challenging circumstance over the next couple of months and if it's not, then you're not bringing in the same sort of draft pick return that you would've maybe now."

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