Patriots Talk Podcast: How does Pats offense change if McDaniels leaves?


Josh McDaniels once again is set to be a popular name in head coaching rumors this offseason.

The Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Atlanta Falcons already are looking for their next head coach, and teams like the Los Angeles Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars could be next to have vacancies. McDaniels, as he has the last couple of offseasons, is expected to draw plenty of buzz.

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If the longtime New England Patriots offensive coordinator does choose to pursue his second head coaching stint, how will his departure affect the Patriots? Matt Cassel, who had McDaniels as his OC during his time in New England, explained to Tom Curran and Phil Perry on a new Patriots Talk Podcast.

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"He's been there for so long and he's a guy that's got tremendous respect obviously amongst the players," Cassel said. "He's so creative, he's dynamic, he puts players in a great position. I've never been around an offensive coordinator that spends as much time getting you prepared for a game. It's the minute details that a lot of guys just overlook, but he's incredible in that sense and he's also understanding of the fact that certain players might not like certain things. It's that open conversation that he has with his quarterbacks that he tries to understand what they like, play to their strengths, put you in a position to be successful. But it's not just that, he's got an incredible mind. He started on the defensive side of the ball, came over to the offense. I learned more football in my first two seasons in New England than I did any other time in my career. ...


"He's an incredible teacher and I think that's the biggest thing they will miss, is there's not a ton of guys that can teach the way he does. He's like a professor and he makes you understand it. That is what I always appreciated about Josh is his capacity to understand a player and then teach in a way they can understand and really absorb it."

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