Patriots Talk Podcast: How can Pats match Mahomes' supercharged Chiefs?


The New England Patriots will have their hands full when they visit Kansas City this weekend. That's because they'll be tasked with slowing down Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. 

Mahomes is coming off a dominant victory over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 3 and looks to be leading a team that has a serious shot at repeating as Super Bowl champions. At this point in time, it's difficult to argue against Mahomes as the NFL's best QB.

Of course, Mahomes also has perhaps the league's best supporting cast helping him out on offense. So how would the 25-year-old have fared on a less potent offense a year ago in New England? And could Tom Brady have led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl like Mahomes did?

Tom E. Curran asked Phil Perry and Matt Cassel that question on a brand new Patriots Talk Podcast.

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Perry adamantly stated Mahomes could have led the 2019 Patriots to a successful season, but wasn't convinced a 42-year-old Brady could have led Kansas City to a title.

"I just think Patrick Mahomes is clearly a better quarterback at this point in time," said Perry. "I think Patrick Mahomes and his physical tools plus the decision-making are so special that he elevates everyone around him including a very good cast in Kansas City, and he would've elevated the New England cast of characters to at least the same level. ... Mahomes makes plays Tom Brady just can't make, including the play that won them the Super Bowl."

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Cassel echoed Perry's take, noting that Mahomes' dual-threat ability would have added a whole new dimension to last year's Pats offense similar to how Cam Newton has this season.

"I would have to agree that Patrick Mahomes just at this point in his career and what he can do physically and the consistency that he's had with not turning over the ball -- if Tom goes to that system I think they go deep in the playoffs, (but) I don't know if they win some of those games especially because of how [Mahomes] creates plays," Cassel said. "When he gets outside the pocket, when he's able to scramble, those are not yards you're going to get when you have Tom Brady."

Also discussed in the episode: Cassel breaks down what Mahomes does so well, whether can the Chiefs be a dynasty like the Patriots and gives a complete preview of the Week 4 matchup and much more.

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