Patriots Talk Podcast: Jack Easterby and the Texans mess


There's no sugarcoating it: the Houston Texans right now are a dumpster fire.

After a 4-12 finish to the 2020 season, Houston found itself in a predicament by angering its franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson. Trade rumors began to swirl when the Texans hired Nick Caserio as their new general manager, and Watson reportedly was "extremely unhappy with the organization" for not letting him in on the GM or head coaching search.

Much of the Texans' dysfunction has been tied to Jack Easterby. The former New England Patriots character coach has ascended to the top of the Texans' organizational chart since joining Houston in 2019. Since then, he has received plenty of the blame for the team's poor leadership, with former Texans stars Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins both recently calling him out.

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So what exactly is going on in Houston, and how does it get solved? Is Easterby really the problem? Stephanie Stradley of the Houston Chronicle joined Tom E. Curran on a new Patriots Talk Podcast to discuss.

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"It's as bad as it could be when it doesn't need to be," Stradley said of the Texans mess. "I don't think that the issues that the Texans have right now, or the fans and the players, is necessarily about Nick Caserio. I mean, objectively, most fanbases would be ecstatic to get somebody with his background. ... Right now, the biggest issue in Houston, Texas is nobody trusts Jack Easterby. They think that he's the new owner and is running things."


In that case, what needs to be done to start the healing process in Houston? Is the situation salvageable?

"I think so, but the easiest way to salvage all of that is to say, 'I've had a great time in Houston, I'm resigning.' That's what Jack Easterby needs to do," Stradley said. "The hurt is that bad. I have no idea how they resolve that."

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