Patriots Talk Podcast: Is the Pats’ defense to blame for loss to Texans?


The New England Patriots weren't exactly great in any category during Sunday's loss to the Houston Texans, but their defensive performance was particularly alarming.

The Patriots failed to get any pressure on Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson throughout the contest, and it showed on the box score. Watson torched New England for 344 yards, two passing touchdowns, and a rushing TD.

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After the poor outing, should the Pats D get the blame for the team's loss to the lowly Texans? Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discussed on a brand new Patriots Talk Podcast.

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"I don't think the offense was perfect, I don't think Cam Newton was perfect even for Cam Newton with our diminished expectations of what he is at this point," Perry said. "But I look at this game defensively, and I look at that first half, and I look at the plan that they had for Deshaun Watson, and I think it would've been a great plan if they had the 2014 roster. ...

"I just look at really in particular the front seven. I understand the secondary has not been good, they got a D on my Report Card, the tackling was bad there. But to me, the lack of talent up front is really highlighted in a game like this becuase not only is Deshaun Watson just running by people and running around people, but you ask those guys to do a lot with not a lot of bodies, and they couldn't get anything."

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Curran adds that unlike in past years, it's clear teams don't fear this Patriots defense.

"They're getting beat on the corners," Curran said. "They're getting beat in pass defense and no one's scared of Bill Belichick's defense, Steve Belichick's defense, Jerod Mayo's defense. We can'y lay it all on the notion of 'Well, no Brandon Copeland. No [Dont'a] Hightower. No [Patrick] Chung.'"

Also discussed on the new episode: How much blame does Cam Newton get in the loss? What could Josh McDaniels have done differently? And has the Patriots' rebuild even begun?

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