Patriots Talk Podcast: Should Pats be buyers at the trade deadline?


With the NFL's trade deadline rapidly approaching, the rumor mill is beginning to heat up.

Teams have until Nov. 3 to make moves, meaning the New England Patriots soon will have to decide whether or not they want to be buyers. While they could use some help at multiple positions -- namely wide receiver -- is there anyone on the market worth dealing for?

On a brand new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast, Matt Cassel joined Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to discuss how the Pats should approach the deadline.

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"It's always one of those questions that you have to ask yourself. Who's out there, how can we make our team better, and will it have an immediate impact? Because like we saw last year with [Mohamed] Sanu, you think he's a veteran presence and will solidify that role, but there's no production," said Cassel. "So it's a roll of the dice any time you bring a guy in, especially mid-season when they don't have any history with your system. ... 

"You've got guys like A.J. Green. He's a phenomenal player but the other issue you have to look at -- great skillset, great player... when he's healthy. He's had a tremendous amount of issues staying on the field recently."

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Perry believes the Patriots need to make some kind of move at the deadline, specifically for a pass-catcher.

"I would say you can't let a mistake like last year -- spending a second-round pick on Mohamed Sanu -- prevent you from doing the right thing in real time," Perry said. "I would say you have to go in and trade for somebody again. ... You have to add something, whether it's a tight end or receiver, to help this offense out. ... Whether it's A.J. Green, or John Ross who's his teammate in Cincinnati, or even Curtis Samuel in Carolina ... there are names out there you should be trying to go after."

Curran added that before pulling the trigger on a deal, the Patriots need to figure out what their plans are beyond 2020.

"There could be an Atlanta Falcons fire sale and the best receiver in the league in many people's minds, Julio Jones, will be involved there," said Curran. "But then we're getting into a conversation of, what are the Patriots going to be this decade? Are they going to be a Cam Newton-led team? ... How much better can you make the 2020 Patriots? To what end? And what are you going to look like in 2021? Those are all the questions that to me are fascinating."

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