The New England Patriots ended an era last month when they parted ways with longtime kicker Stephen Gostkowski.

Gostkowski took over for Adam Vinatieri as the Patriots' kicker in 2006 and went on to help New England earn three Super Bowl titles. The 36-year-old has four Pro Bowl selections in his career and is a two-time first-team All-Pro.

Gostkowski missed most of the 2019 season after he was placed on injured reserve. While it obviously isn't how he hoped his Patriots career would come to an end, there's no taking away his contributions to the team's success over the course of its dynasty.

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So now that his Pats career is over, where does Gostkowski go from here? He caught up with Tom E. Curran on the latest Patriots Talk Podcast to discuss.

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Gostkowski made it clear he plans on playing in 2020, as long as the coronavirus pandemic doesn't lead to the season's cancellation.

I'm not ready to just hang it up. I'm gonna try to play. It's going to be tough to show teams what I can do right now or work out or do a physical, but I'm not too worried about it. I'm not concerned. I kind of take things day by day.

I feel good. I'm starting to feel better. I'm trying to keep getting in better and better shape and I've probably done more so far this year as I would heading into a normal season so I feel like I'm ahead of where I usually am and I have nothing but time.


Along with discussing the future, Gostkowski also took some time to reflect on the past.

We've been so successful as a team, there's nothing for me to complain about...We have had it really good and finally being done with the Patriots it's fun to actually look back at it and be able to talk about it in a positive way.

Because when you're in it and in the mode, you can never like, sit back and pat yourself on the back or talk about how good it was because you'd win, get drunk at the parade and after that you're like, 'OK, can't talk about it anymore.' It's fun to look back and everything I look back at is all positive memories.

Gostkowski also chatted with Curran about what he's been up to while quarantining, Tom Brady's departure from the Patriots, and much more. Check out the latest episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast on the NBC Sports Boston Podcast Network or on YouTube.