Patriots Talk: SI’s Jon Wertheim on why Tom Brady is Everyman


Tom Brady recently added another accolade to his enormous collection when he was named Sports Illustrated's 2021 Sportsperson of the Year.

The former New England Patriots quarterback, now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, earned the honor for the second time in his NFL career. The award was given to Brady largely due to his accomplishments on the field -- he led the Bucs to a Super Bowl title last season and is on pace to be this year's NFL MVP -- but the writer of SI's piece, Jon Wertheim, came away mostly impressed with Brady's attitude off the field.

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Wertheim joined Tom E. Curran on a brand new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast and discussed why his interview with Brady was a breath of fresh air.

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"We all know how old he is and we all can see the numbers he's putting up, but I think when you talk to him and meet him and realize, the guy's got friends who are in their 80s because he thinks that's a healthy relationship. We know who his wife is, we know how many kids he has, we kind of know the basics," Wertheim said. "I really found him to be very substantive, and that's not something you always say after you sit down with an athlete. I thought there was a lot there and maybe more than I expected.


"You kind of read the same stories over and over again. Hey, did you hear he eats healthy? And avocados are a big part of his diet, and he has a clothing and apparel line?' I was very impressed. I thought there was a lot of layers there and a lot of substance. It wasn't crazy Charles Barkley outrageous statements and he wasn't gonna [expletive] on the Patriots or say something explosive, but I thought there was real substance to him that you can't -- you can fake it in a soundbite, but you can't fake it in 90 minutes."

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Wertheim adds that while Brady may be a seven-time Super Bowl champion and one of the greatest athletes of all time, he never acted that way.

"He did not look at his phone once, he did not have an entourage with him that he was looking over to the side, it was really locked in conversation," he said. "He was really locked in. It felt like a conversation and not, 'Oh [expletive], the best player in NFL history is eight feet away from me. It was two middle-aged guys talking, honestly."

Also discussed in this episode: How did Wertheim find a new angle to avoid ‘Brady fatigue?’ Wertheim details his sit-down interview with Brady. Why is Brady more willing to share his secrets to playing longer now? Would Brady have had the same success with a team other than Tampa Bay? And Brady is still protective of his first family, the Patriots.

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