Patriots Talk: When will Bill Belichick name a starting QB?


Two weeks into the preseason, it remains a mystery who Bill Belichick will name the starting quarterback for Week 1.

Perhaps that's exactly how the New England Patriots head coach wants it to be.

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Both Cam Newton and Mac Jones impressed in Thursday's preseason blowout of the Philadelphia Eagles. Newton got the start and completed eight of his nine passes for 103 yards and a touchdown. Jones went 13-for-19 with 146 yards in two quarters of work.

With the season opener vs. the Miami Dolphins right around the corner, one would think Belichick is close to revealing a starter. But on a brand new Patriots Talk Podcast, Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discussed why we could be waiting until the end of the preseason for that announcement.

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"Even though there is still time, don't you think they have to make that call relatively soon?" Perry asked Curran. "Or would Bill Belichick be so dead set on keeping (Miami Dolphins head coach) Brian Flores on his toes that he'll say, 'No, let's go all the way through joint practices with the Giants and let's keep everything behind closed doors in terms of what our real plans are at quarterback and we'll keep Cam out as the No. 1 guy, first out in drills, first out in the preseason game, and then come Week 1 if Mac's ready then yeah, we'll run him out there. Do you think he'd be that set on deception to pull it off that way?"


To me, this plays right into Bill Belichick's enigmatic, hard to figure, 007 persona.

Tom E. Curran on the uncertainty at QB

"Yes. 100 percent," Curran answered. "I mean, this is a dream come true for him. He has uncertainty at a position that every team knows is vital to game-planning. Not only does he have uncertainty, he's got polar opposites at the position. That means you have to, if you're the Dolphins, prepare for a guy who ran it 15 times for 75 yards against you in the opener. And you have to prepare for a guy who can go surgical on your ass, but you haven't seen him play against ones so you don't know what his shortcomings are.

"So, to me, this plays right into Bill Belichick's enigmatic, hard to figure, 007 persona. I think he would absolutely revel and does revel in the uncertainty that he is hatching with us. This is playing directly into his M.O."

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