On Tuesday, the New England Patriots announced they expect Gillette Stadium to operate at 20 percent capacity for 2020 home games. 

That, of course, assumes fans will be allowed to attend games at all this season amid the coronavirus pandemic, as the team needs the approval of local and state governments.

With all of this uncertainty, inventory for Patriots tickets on the secondary market has dropped by over 97 percent and in some cases has been pulled down completely, according to TicketIQ. That has caused the average ticket price to rise from $424 to $591, an increase of 39 percent.

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TicketIQ also has a COVID-19 Safety Index that measures which teams' home games may be the safest to attend based on daily active cases in each state compared to the national average. The index is broken down into Green (safest), Yellow (low-medium risk), and Orange/Red (riskiest).

The Patriots currently have a 0.26 rating, which is Green and ranks as the third-best in the country. Nine other teams are Green, nine are in the Yellow, and 13 are in the Orange/Red category.


For more information on Patriots ticket prices and trends, check out TicketIQ here.

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