Petco's Boston billboard trolls Goodell


Roger Goodell needed to be surrounded by a few Cowboys greats when he approached the podium for the first time at the NFL draft to try and protect him from boos.

It didn't help.

His suspension of the Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott is obviously still fresh in a lot of fans' minds.

In New England, where the memory of the Deflategate saga and Tom Brady's suspension lingers, there still isn't a lot of love for the NFL commissioner either. At least that's what Petco is banking on with its billboard along I-93 South in Boston claiming the commish shops at rival PetSmart.

The billboard’s creator, Taylor Geas, an advertising copywriter for Petco, told the Boston Globe that as a former Boston-area resident, the idea came from being homesick and from wanting to poke not only Goodell put the rival pet chain.

“I was sitting at my desk at work one day, for the very job I left Boston for in the first place, and it finally clicked,” said Geas. “I had found my rivalry, Petco vs. PetSmart — they just didn’t know it yet.”


If it's still up this summer, maybe Goodell will see it on the way to his Maine vacation home.