Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have done a great job promoting "The Match" by trading good-natured barbs back and forth ahead of the anticipated golf showdown.

On Sunday though, Manning may have won the trash-talk battle with the best roast of all.  During TNT's broadcast, Manning went over who he thought Brady should have brought to Florida to be his caddie.

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"Do you bring Eli [Manning]? You could do that. Do you bring Nick Foles? Maybe," Manning said.

"That's a cheap shot," Brady replied.

"I was thinking maybe Bill Belichick ... just to see how that kind of would have worked," Manning added.

Watch below:

Of course, Manning is referencing the two quarterbacks who have defeated Brady in Super Bowls and the head coach Brady left after 20 years to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Manning also threw ex-Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski into the mix, suggesting Brady should have brought him to be his caddie just as he brought him to Tampa to be his tight end.


"Gronk does whatever Tom asks him to do," Manning said. "Gronk, go wrestle, take a year off, come play in Tampa with me later, caddy for me ..."

Brady fired back with a shot of his own.

"He's doing pretty good in the rain. I'm impressed. He's more of a dome quarterback," Brady quipped.

Seems like the two legendary QBs are making the best of the rainy day.