Tom Curran, Phil Perry and Jerod Mayo jump on what's trending with the Patriots:

1:58 - How will the absence of Tom Brady from OTAs impact the Patriots' team progression?

5:00 - Jerod explains why he thinks that no Brady isn't a big deal for the Patriots for now.

6:27 - Is the Tom Brady way starting to hurt the Patriots way?

8:48 - Jerod: "If Tom's not here for mandatory mini camp, sound the alarm."

11:08 - Who is suffering the most by the absence of Brady and Gronk?

12:38 - Jerod admits his disappointment in how things within the Patriots organization have changed since he played?

15:50 - Jerod gives an inside look at OTAs from a player's perspective and thinks back to rookies that impressed him coming into camp. The guys also go off on a quick tangent on tattoos.

23:56 - Tom asks if Brady would be skipping OTAs if Jimmy Garoppolo was still with the team.

24:47 - Which players should we keep an eye on during OTAs and throughout the early stages of training camp?

27:52 - Jerod predicts that Kenny Britt will have a big impact during the 2018 season and Tom and Phil give their own predictions on who will have big years for the Pats.