While the Patriots' former QB is preparing for another Super Bowl, the Patriots should be figuring out who'll be under center next season. The quarterback market has already proven to be active, and the Patriots will have options either by trade, free agency or the draft.

Michael Holley, Tom Giles and DJ Bean each came up with their five most logical options on Boston Sports Tonight. Here are their lists.  


  1. Draft Your Guy (Mac Jones, etc.)
  2. Derek Carr (for a third or lower)
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo (for a third or lower)
  4. Carson Wentz (trade)
  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Holley’s logic, summarized: The most realistic way to have a great quarterback for a long time is to draft one. Wentz is intriguing because his contract should mean a meager trade price. As for Fitzpatrick, he’s the AFC East’s quarterback. It’s only right.

PERRY: Potential free-agent QBs for the Patriots


  1. Jimmy Garoppolo (for a third)
  2. Jacoby Brissett
  3. Trey Lance (No. 15)
  4. Derek Carr (for a third)
  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Giles’ logic, summarized: Garoppolo just makes too much sense for everyone’s sake. Brissett and Fitzpatrick wouldn’t cost you anything other than money, so signing either of those would be paired with drafting a guy. Lance isn't a sure thing to be there at No. 15, which is why he's lower on the list. Carr looks good on paper, but he rarely does when we watch him. 

PERRY: All eyes are starting to focus on Jimmy G


  1. Derek Carr (for a second-plus)
  2. Jimmy Garoppolo (for a second-plus)
  3. Gardner Minshew (for a fourth)
  4. Jameis Winston
  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick/Jacoby Brissett/Mitchell Trubisky

Bean's logic, summarized: Carr puts up good numbers and is cautious to a fault. That makes him a logical Brady successor (for now), even if he's frustrating to watch. Minshew is a low-cost guy who could either be a placeholder or earn his place as a long-term guy. The quarterbacks at the top of the draft are tempting, but trading up for one of them would cost too much when the team has other needs.